Human Rights Advocacy

Provide educational resources to the most marginalized and vulnerable children.

Drive the eradication of Child Labor ; every child deserves to grow as a child and attain basic education.

Respond to food insecurity by providing food supplies to the rural dwellers/ school launch program to promote nutritional balance and focused learning.

Promote hygiene - distribute sanitary supplies and hygiene items to pupils/ communities.

Donate wheelchairs /walkers to disabled and elderly.

Provide oral health outreach and supply tooth brushes and floride toothpaste to students and community at large.

Advocate/provide resources for victims of domestic violence.

Advance the welfair of the widows, orphans, aged and disabled.

Worldwide, there is a notable staggering disparities between rural and city educational facilities. Ascending Health Foundation with its holding company are poised to promote, drive and implement the SDG agenda with a focus on rural and marginalized communities and populations through advocacy and Human Rights awareness campaign for an proved health outcome.

SDG Goal 4 : Quality Education - Structural amenities and services to promote a good study environment - Equip schools with study materials/tools .

SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation : " Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all" (United Nations, n,d). - Running water for drinking and or for hygiene in schools. - Adequate sanitary system to stall disease transmission. We implore all to join our efforts to bridge rural disadvantage in communities within and around us. Together, we can ALL contribute towards the well-being of marginalized communities and population across the world.

Educational Tuition / Scholarship Program

"“Education Is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for It today.” —Malcolm X."

The program is designed to render assistance to the vulnerable and not the Best Student. We help them to develop their voice and become their champions and advocate. Eligibility is on a case-by- case basis and selections are through findings from the schools and independent information gathered from the community.

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